Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The heat of July!

The hottest day of the year so far just so happen to fall on July 3rd, the same day as the July flea market at Kilby Court, however with two kiddie pools, a misting system, fans, spray bottles, and Large's Lemonade, somehow we managed to beat the heat together and still have a good time.

We had some amazing new vendors this month, as well as some awesome musical entertainment provided by The Spins and Mountain Hymns! [Two up and coming bands you should keep your eye on!]

Here's a little photo recap for those of you who stayed indoors where it was nice and cool. You definitely missed out!

Photo by Melissa Cohn  

 Photo by Melissa Cohn

The Mountain Hymns
Photo by Melissa Cohn

The Spins 
Photo by Melissa Cohn

Large's Lemonade keeping everyone cool!!
Photo by Melissa Cohn

See the rest of Melissa's SLUG Mag photos here.

Jordan Dougherty sharing his amazing talents

Thanks to everyone that endured the heat and came down to support our amazing community. 
See you all on August 7th!!! 

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