Monday, June 21, 2010

The First of Many Fleas

The Salty Streets Flea Market kicked off on May 2nd, on a cold rainy day, followed by a sunny hot market on June 6th. Taking place on the first Sunday of the month at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, with over 20 vendors, live local music, and great food, the flea is on its way to becoming a staple summer event.

The vendors are made up of locals from around the Salt Lake area who have personal handmade crafts and goods as well as preloved whatnots of all kinds, ranging from clothing and jewelry, to shoes, vintage bikes, classic records, retro furniture, vintage purses, odds and ends, and more. Local businesses from around the downtown area, are also selling items from the stores for cheap, cheap, cheap.

During the flea market, Kilby Court is full of life. Live music entertains vendors and buyers inside the venue, while the newly built skate ramp keeps both spectators and skaters alike occupied for hours. The courtyard and the street are full of vendors and people soaking up the unique feeling of the flea, while eating tacos and enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

The flea market is continually growing, and while it has only happened twice, both times have been a success for everyone involved. Our goal is to bring out local talent around the city, as well as give people a chance to clean out their home and set up their own unique shop for the day. The next market is coming up August 1st, and we are hoping to make it bigger than before. We are constantly looking for talent to keep the folks entertained, and are always on the hunt for those wanting to be a vendor.

To be apart of the next market, please contact us via e-mail [saltystreetproductions [at] gmail [dot] com] with any questions, comments, or inquiries you might have.

See you at the next flea!

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